About Us

SSASS Products was formed in 2010 to help to take the confusion out of buying quality mobile device accessories

For a product to be branded SSASS means it has been compared against other devises that offer similar features. 

It has gone through stringent tests by the SSASS team to ensure it is the unequalled best in performance, quality and manufacturing .


Brian Wallis has spent over 35 years developing and retailing high end consumer electronics.

Lee Guy-Wallis has over 25 years in marketing and commercial advertising for high end International and Australian companies.

Together they created SSASS Products, a Western Australian based company.


Brian and Lee use their combined experience to source cutting edge mobile device accessories.

They do not choose a product because it is a “trend”.

They choose a product because it is the quality available, the most practical and something that is useful. 


At SSASS, we know our strategy and ability to source premium products is supreme.


By other companies who have mimicked the SSASS well researched product lines.  We are flattered , but for you the consumer, it means you may be paying too much or you may be purchasing a “look a like “ copy of inferior quality .

At SSASS we also have developed a premium buying power by being the first to source new top end products. 

Others may copy some of our product choice, but they cannot match our pricing.

As we are local, all our SSASS products are also covered by Australian Consumer Laws, which guarantee warranty and customer support.

To find out more ,  become part of the SSASS team or stock our premium SSASS products.

SSASS Products - Available Online Only
PO Box 1338 Kalamunda WA 6076
email: sales@ssass360.com.au
phone: 0411 888 651 or 0418 922 559