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SSASS12 BeaT True Stereo Wireless Pair Vibration Speakers (2 speakers)

SSASS12 Beat Pair
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    SSASS 12w BeaT True Stereo Pair $170


    Free accessory kit with each speaker included


    Incredible stereo sound completely wirelessly.


    Pair two SSASS BeaT’s together and use Bluetooth to connect with your audio device and listen to the phenomenal  stereo sound quality.


    Using vibration technology, the two SSASS BeaT’s react to the surface they are placed on and turns that surface into a speaker.


    Must be heard to be believed.


    Total of 15 metres wireless coverage means great music at any location.


    Works with all Bluetooth devices including iPhones, Smartphones, iPods, iPads and tablets.


    Inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery gives 5 hours of playtime.



    • 12 watt output
    • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery using supplied USB cable
    • Operates to a 10 metre range
    • Hands free with mobile phones
    • 55mm x 70mm in size
    • Solid Build weighing 273g
    • Impedance is Satellite 4ohms + subwoofer 2ohms (optional twist top use)
    • Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR, CSR BC5
    • Frequency range of 40Hz-20KHz
    • Available in Blue, Red or Black
    • 1 Year Warranty


    1. Turn the bluetooth OFF on your chosen audio device.

    2. Turn one speaker on to BT. WAIT to hear three slightly different tones then 2 same sounding tones. This means the speaker is warmed up and ready for the next step.

    3. Hold in the volume button until you count three (3) very sharp clicks (spaced apart by around 1 second and ignore additional tones). Let the volume button go and put the speaker down. If you go over 3 clicks turn the speaker off and start again.

    4. Duplicate step 2 -3 for the second speaker and place this speaker around 10 cm from the first speaker. They will begin to communicate (quite noisily). You can tell if this is working as both speakers will make clicking sounds. You know they are paired when they both make the same various clicking noises together. THIS WILL TAKE UP TO A MINUTE, SO BE PATIENT. SHOULD AFTER A MINUTE ONLY ONE SPEAKER IS CLICKING THEN TURN BOTH SPEAKERS OFF AND START AGAIN FROM #2

    5. Once the speakers are paired, choose one speaker. It does not matter which one (this will now be the left channel).

    6. Switch on the bluetooth on your device.

    7. Hold in the volume button on the chosen speaker until you hear two (2) sharp clicks NO MORE. Release the volume button.

    8. In the bluetooth section of your device "True Wireless Stereo" will appear. BE PATIENT THIS WILL TAKE TIME 

    9. Once “True Wireless Stereo" appears on your device, press “not connected” to connect. 

    1. Your device is now paired to both speakers.


    Your speakers will now be paired together until you unpair them. Take your time when pairing the speakers. Both speakers need time to 'warm up’. Mistakes will happen when pairing if you do not allow the right numbers of clicks to occur. Each time you use your device with the SSASS pair, you will need to go into bluetooth on your device and reconnect. To pair in a different device into the pair, unpair the original device by going into bluetooth; go to "TRUE WIRELESS STEREO"; hold the right hand side of the connection and then press 'forget this device'. THE SSASS Bluetooth speaker range will only pair into one device at at time. YOU MUST unpair one device to allow another to pair in. To then pair into another device follow points 6 – 10 above.


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